KPsDeN is small community for various games. We dont compete in any professional leagues, we also dont take part in matches, we love hosting and playing various games :)

Why are we here?

We Love to have fun, play games like World of Warcraft, Left4dead, left 4 dead2, TeamFortress2, mineCraft, Call of Duty amongst others. We use IRC and Teamspeak to keep in touch.


PER PLAYER XP, set your own XP rates! 99.99% Uptime, No lag, 16 Core, 16GB ram, 1Gb connection, Atlanta data center. Instant registration. Tele NPC, Shopping area, Auction House Bot, Fully Scripted! Lots of Custom scripts and content!


Our Minecraft server runs some awesome plugins, has 100% uptime and a great community. Join us Today!


From games like Team Fortress 2, WoW, Minecraft among others!

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Client : 3.3.5a (12340)
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We support spout so you can use regular or spout client
We stay up to date with latest MC!